A Long Journey

Over the years a collection of simple but beautiful songs that mean a lot to me has come together. Some the tunes were hidden in a drawer for years, some of them I have already recorded in the past, some of them I have rearranged or written just lately. Now, I find it is time to share them with a live audience. I will start with Lars Baumgardt on guitar to accompany me and maybe we will add some more musicians in the future. For the beginning we have two guitars, a mandolin and my voice. I call it “A Long Journey” as that’s what it is.

Making music since being fourteen has meant travelling through decades, styles and bands. It’s like life itself: you try hard to get to some special promising place just to find out, it has always been near and familiar. So, my songs have always been around, I just pull them out of the drawers and shelves and somehow, they make sense. I just had to wait for the right time.